LAN and WAN Solutions

At the core of every IT environment are the communication links upon which data is transferred. eCom specialises in the design and implementation of local area and wide area network infrastructures. Utilising technologies such as Cisco Systems, Enterasys and HP, eCom has delivered enterprise solutions which meet the business requirements and budgets of our clients.

eCom has many years experience in the design, implementation and support of Wide Area Networks. eCom designs and builds these networks in partnership with the customers IT personnel. eCom design and implement the Routed and Routing Protocols that run over these Wide Area Networks. eCom has extensive experience in the IP addressing design, deployment and migrations.

Business today rely heavily on the Local Area Network Infrastructure for business applications. It is imperative that the LAN is built to meet the business requirements of the Enterprise. The choice of capabilities available in today's LAN switching devices are extensive. eCom has designed and deployed Resilient Layer 3 and Layer 2 Local Area Network Infrastructures for a wide range of customers. eCom has the experience to deploy the correct technologies to meet the performance and resilience requirements of the customer.

Quality of Service/Traffic Shaping/Bandwidth Control
Today’s applications place heavy loads on business bandwidth. This is especially true in Wide Area Networks where bandwidth speeds are generally lower than Local Area Networks and costs are higher. Without the proper Quality of Service techniques deployed on a Wide Area Network, a business has no control over the use of that bandwidth by various applications. eCom can provide Traffic Shaping and Bandwidth Control mechanisms to ensure that business critical data is prioritized on the Network Infrastructure.