IP Telephony Solutions

IP voice solutions are rapidly becoming the most effective way to drive down the costs of telecommunications. This is coupled with the enhanced benefits that can be gained through the integration of data and voice networks. By providing organisations with applications that ensure a more sophisticated and streamlined communications experience, IP Communications solutions provide timely access to information and resources. This not only results in more efficient interactions at the individual level, but also facilitates improved productivity that progresses over time as value-added applications and services are deployed throughout the extended enterprise. eCom is committed to delivering IP media communication for our customers by integrating the new advancements in technology with existing infrastructures ensuring seamless integration without compromise of existing system performance.

Voice over IP
One method of reducing costly intra site communications is to use the free bandwidth of private data circuits to carry voice communications. This provides for a cost effective way of linking remote sites and rationalising expensive trunk calls.

IP LAN Telephony
IP telephony refers to the technology for transmitting voice communications over a network using IP standards. eCom uses Cisco Systems to provide the infrastructure and feature set for creating a single converged network that can handle voice, video, and data traffic simultaneously.

Customer Contact Centres
Through the integration of IP Telephony and Contact Centre software it is possible to enhance the efficiency of any contact centre organisation by simplifying business application integration, easing agent administration, increasing agent flexibility, and providing efficiency gains in network hosting.