Cabling Solutions

Data networks are only as good as the cabling that supports them. eCom, with its partners, offer a data centre cabling and outfitting service. This service is based on the highest industrial fibre and copper cabling standards. eCom uses Krone standard for structured cabling systems.

Data Centre Cabling
eCom personnel have many years experience in the management and delivery of the highest cabling systems in the Industry. eCom have designed Active and Passive cabling systems to the highest industry standards. eCom have the experience of the different requirements placed on Data Centre cabling systems over standard Wiring closet systems.

CAT 5/5e/6/7 Cabling
eCom personnel have deployed the various Copper Cabling Standards throughout the industry from Category 5 to Category 7 cabling systems. eCom provides a service to validate and warrant cabling systems quality.

Fibre Cabling
With the increased speeds of Network connectivity in Network Infrastructure backbones, the type of fibre cable used can be crucial. Different fibre types provide different distance capabilities. The choice of the wrong fibre type can be detrimental to a business. The fibre design layout throughout buildings in a business can also be crucial. eCom can design and specify the Fibre Infrastructure to allow a business to scale to new levels of technology speeds and resilience as time progresses

Rack and Cabinet Design and Installation
The design of cabinet and rack layouts can ease the ongoing management of cabling and Network equipment. Many times, details are overlooked in this area which can result in untidy patching systems that ultimately can cause service loss. eCom have many years experience of designing and installing Cabinets and rack systems to ensure that Network Infrastructure uptime is kept to an optimum.